Jimmy Nails
We return in 2018 with the Richie Knucklez presented Australian Kong Off II - the ultimate original Donkey Kong competition featuring the best Kong players from Australia, New Zealand and beyond!

Over one weekend, these masters of the barrel will be on one of the many original Donkey Kong cabs, smashing flames and avoiding springs as they go. On Saturday the 10th of November (10am to 8pm) players will duke it out in a high score 'Kong Off' to qualify, with the best 8 players competing in the finals on Sunday the 11th from 10am for the glory of the win!

Whilst we'll be mostly spending the weekend celebrating Kong, that won't be all - as we'll have a room of some of the southern hemisphere's best arcade players, so we'll be attempting a number of other arcade world records.

Absolutely anyone is invited to compete - or if you rather not, you can follow the competition in the Netherworld, or follow the event online via Twitch where we'll be providing running commentary with guest commentator Phil Day. Everyone that comes down to take part in the comp will receive a limited edition enamel pin designed by Anghi. Posters and an official Walter Day trading will also be available over the weekend.

We'll be joined by Richie Knucklez, star of documentary The King of Arcades and founder of the American Kong Off, who will host the proceedings.

Where: 186 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
When: Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of November, 2018
Register your interest with Jimmy, via jimmy@netherworldarcade.com

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A very warm welcome to the forum Jimmy! I'm very happy to see Netherworld events getting talked about here.

I had to miss the last Kong Off but I'm not going to miss this one. I suck at Donkey Kong so won't be taking part in the main competition. However, I'm going to start thinking about doing a world record run of something or other (those who know me probably already know what that game might be...).

Count me in! This is going to be amazing. Thanks Jimmy for organising this.
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Jimmy Nails
Awesome mate!!! The venue which is closed on Mondays will also be open for people to have a crack at W.R's in a quieter environment. Also I will definitely make you put up a qualifying score during Kong Off on the Saturday. Was a blast and the atmosphere may help you get a PB. I got a pb last year on the Saturday evening after watching the masters all day 🙂
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