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BOTA 2020 format :
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm (QLD TIME) - The Battle
- players may come and go over the two day window as they please
- all attempts are to be made with 1 credit only, no continues
- competitors may have as many attempts at each game as he or she wishes within the two day time frame however no single attempt may last longer than 60 minutes
- all game scores will be rated amongst all arcades with the highest score on each machine awarding the player 100 points, second highest 99 points, third 98 points and so on
- players from all teams will submit scores to a central database using the or another online software tool
- once a player has completed a game on all 10 titles, their accumulated points will go toward the team total
- if a competitor plays less then 10 games their points within the titles they have played still count
- for example, if a player only plays 3 games but get's the highest score in each (100 points), those points remain with the player regardless of whether they play all 10 games or not
- each venue may have an unlimited amount of players across the two days, though only the best 8 from each venues scores will go toward the team total
- all scores must be entered live as soon as a game is completed, absolutely no sandbagging
- the end of the tournament each day (6pm qld time) is a hard cutoff and the score at exactly 6pm (qld time) must be the recorded score
- efforts will be made for arcades in different time zones to start at the same time as the Brisbane venues though allowances will be made
- as this tournament runs on an honour system, no excessive leeching or glitch abuse allowed
- the team with the highest total points shall be crowned the Australian Battle of the Arcades Champion 2020.

Venues invited:

1 Up Arcade

1989 Arcade Bar

Gameroom Essentials


VIC & W.A:
No Venue
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