Well, I did actually. And it's prompted me to tell a little story about my favourite beer...

Serpents Kiss, by Grifter. First time I tried this which was at the Lord Raglan Hotel in Redfern (or Alexandria, depends who you ask) I couldn't believe it; this was a beer I actually liked! Yes yes, I drink a lot of beer, but I've never been a person to say I actually 'liked' beer. It's more a social thing for me sharing a schooner or pint with friends. But to actually enjoy the taste? Not sure it's ever happened.

Until Serpents Kiss happened...


Watermelon and beer? It doesn't sound very appealing - I actually don't like the taste of either of those things. However, somehow mixed together, this thing is delicious.

Just a couple of days ago I finally managed to visit the brewery - - bought two squeelers worth (jugs that are smaller than growlers), and a Grifter t-shirt. The brewery is in Marrickville by the way and is a very welcoming place with food and all sorts of cool things. I recommend paying them a visit if you can't find their beer out in the wild.
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[wink]Watermelon beer!!!???
will have to try it but the thought of it is just?[confused][confused][confused][confused][confused][confused]
So many craft beers that are so expensive! I just want I beer I can drink while I play pinball, simple.
Tho I do love a good stout in winter [tongue][tongue]
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I'm with you on the drinkable beer @KAZ, though I might fall too far on the 'easy' drinking side for your tastes with my staple being Pure Blonde. It's so easy to drink, it's like water!
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I can see how watermelon beer might work... on a hot day..
Has to be better than bacon beer.
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