So did anyone manage to catch some of the EVO action over the last week? It sort of crept up on me somehow, and when I realised it was on I could never catch the live stream. Add to this the annoyance of trying to find the saved segmented videos in a logical timelined manner afterward (especially on PS4!), and I haven't got to watch much at all.

I still can't believe how many players they get for this thing though. 7000+ players for the Street Fighter V tournament... That's nuts.
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I've caught little bits of it. I'd really like to go back and watch at least the top 8 of Street fighter. 
I saw a little Smash bros which was surprisingly fun to watch. But most of what I watched was the exhibition matches of the upcoming new Soul Calibur game which looks awesome.

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They certainly aren't backing away from the skimpy costumes of the past on the female characters!

I've never liked 3D fighting games so I'll watch this one with tempered interest.
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