Hey all, we are recording tomorrow (Friday) night. If you have any questions, feedback, comments or anything else for the gang, then either post here or send us an email at
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I would like to see a bit more of an emphasis on the forum as the primary location for podcast feedback. It may be partly because I don’t do the Facebook/Twitter thing but I also think there would be more of an exchange on raised topics if all comments were posted to the same location, and where better than the dedicated forum? I know that comments sent anywhere but the forum, I won’t know about until they’re read on the next podcast. If they were on the forum you may have whole conversations for the next podcast rather than isolated comments.

A bit of a roundup of topics being generally discussed on the forums (not just podcast related) might entice others to join in (or just properly scare them away).

I note that that even on this thread you give people the option to covertly sling you an email rather than post! 😉

(And BOO! I note this post [my 70th] promotes me to Legendary and makes my current avatar redundant!) [now changed to an appropriate thing from a board game but much less iconic]
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