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Virtual pinball machines are a bit of a mixed bag. The majority I have played were not good and had significant lag between when you press the 'flipper' button, and the flipper actually triggering. However, I have played one (yes, only one) that had almost no lag and therefore was pretty fun to play. The best thing about virtual pinball is, as you said thrax, being able to play every game whenever, without needing to have a setup like Dave Peck's with 200 machines in your house.

Avoiding the mechanical nature of pinball and therefore repair is a fair one when time is not on your side. Though to be fair to pinball, I've actually found video arcade machines to be just as time consuming on the maintenance front. There's always something needing your attention (I'm looking at you, LAI Mortal Kombat cab...).

Ultimately, the thing that attracts me to pinball and keeps my attention, is that it's a social game. For me, it's like a return to how we used to play computer games - with a bunch of us all in the one room drinking and yelling at each other, when LANs were a thing. Now that multiplayer computer gaming has moved online, you don't get that anymore. Pinball on the other hand will be that for the foreseeable future. To play pinball you go somewhere (usually to your local league) and hang out with friends, drink a few cold beers, and get to chat about gaming inbetween balls and rounds. It's a hell of a lot of fun. Being good at it is not really important.
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I love playing real pinballs, but the alure of virtuals is very strong as well. If money was no object I'd take a small room of select titles over a virtual any day. I've played a decent range of machines, interviewed people that are deeply into the community, sought out particular machines to play and try, but it still remains a casual interest for me even after buying one and retrofitting LED lighting etc.

However while I remain a homebody and can't afford a wide range of machines, a virtual would fill the gap for me nicely 😉
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