Disaster! Calamity! Matt has fallen ill and we've had to cancel our Holiday Streamapalooza. We can't be streaming with a retroman down... Keep your eyes and ears out for an announcement on our rescheduled time!

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Now this is a situation where I would argue that inoffensive use of a 👎 could be made, because it really doesn’t seem like something to 👍. It wouldn’t mean a flaming condemnation of Matt’s illness but mutual commiseration of an unfortunate circumstance.

It’s all moot of course, as the 👎 option is no longer available here (that gets a 👎)!

EDIT: Oops, I take that back. The 👎 IS still an option but it doesn’t show a count in the list of topics - so 👍 [dare I use it though? 😏])
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I 👍 your consideration of the 👍 and 👎 deliberation!
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