Just picked this up and might give it a bash over the weekend. It's unusual for me to be interested in an FPS these days (I completely overdosed on the genre). Perhaps a story to tell on the next podcast...

Anyone played it? Any thoughts? No spoilers!
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Can't resist pointing you all to another lesson from the Clueless Gamer, though it is only Halo 4...
Random item from my Tabletop Games Collection
See it & the rest here:
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Ahh yes. Conan was right to point out the 'sexy lady'. Sadly Halo 4 was where Microsoft decided to morph Cortana into a porn doll because, you know, that's what the kids like I guess.

I'm hoping this isn't the case in Halo 5. If I ever get to play it that is... Spent most of Saturday night just letting it 'install'. By the time it was done I was too tired and went to bed instead.
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I'll be interested to hear what you think of it!
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