I have strong feelings about hoarding and the acquisition of "things". When I consider the choice of buying anything I always think too myself "Is this going to end up in the trash in a few months (or even years)?"

That thought has stopped me from buying a lot of stuff (particularly from kmart). (Side note.. people seem to love kmart.. but seriously.. they sell trash!).

So I really wanted to play some light gun games of old.. Lethal Enforcers brought back some really fun memories (apparently its a shit game according to critics... who knew..). One day my wife finds her little brothers old PS1 in storage and something clicked in my brain.. I thought to myself "Lethal enforcers must be on PS1" and to google I ran. Sure enough, it was so.


The game appeared to be somewhat rare with none available in Australia. I also realised I'd need a CRT TV for the light gun to work, so in an exercise of dicaplin I held off on any purchasing to see if a CRT might pop up somewhere.

I kept checking on gumtree for a decent CRT at a decent price.. but they were either extremely expensive or smaller than what I wanted.

In the mean time a G-con gun and copy of time crisis came up on a facebook trading group. It seemed like a decent price at $30 for both. And so now I had all the pieces except for the TV.

So a few weeks later I was at my dads place and I thought I'd ask him if he had anything lying around. He's always buying the latest greatest Stereos stuff and there are so many hand-me-down TV's that theres one in every room. I thought it was unlikely that he'd have any CRT's because they are now so old.
He tells me that my step mum wanted him to throw away his old rear projection TV but he couldn't bring himself to do it because it cost him $4k when he bought it.

Turns out light guns work on rear projection TV's as long as they are 50hz.


I couldn't believe my luck. I don't feel like you could have a much better TV for retro games!

Also acquired a few old consoles from family.

It seems weird that these are considered "Retro"...

I could keep going but I might leave it there for now..
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Ahh, falling down the hole of a retro game collector huh... I fell down that hole many years ago. In fact, I guess you could say I've always been one. I still have all of my old C64 games. I did sell off my old Mega Drive and Super Nintendo collection which I now regret. But I've almost got them all back over the last 10 years or so (and then some for the Mega Drive, over 150 of them now!).

But yes I get what you mean about buying 'things' and they sort of just sit there. What's the point of it all? Well, to me - and this is what I tell others - having these things just makes me really happy. Sometimes I'm having a bad day or whatever, and I look over to my shelves of games - games that I have so many memories, stories, victories and defeats - and I just feel happy. There can't be anything wrong with having something lying around that brings a smile to your face. And so that's how I justify my stupid collection of games. These things are almost like old friends to me.

Great score with that TV too. I'd love to have something like that but don't really have the room for it. That would take up the space of an arcade cab... And I'm already out of room for those too!
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Ah yes. Selling off old games and the regret is familiar to me.

I sold my master system 2 and my game cube. I am so devistated that I sold that game cube because I had some great games on that.
Rouge squadron was one of my favs. Whyyyy did I dooo that!?

I will get it back one day
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