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BTW Ihave a Sony Trinitron 21”(?) which is sort of mid range size (maybe not even) that is possibly around what Leonard Nimoy had in his demo and might be a sweet spot for LD.

So next time we go to Marc’s TO PLAY MULE, we could possibly team them up.
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Kapin Kong
I recently picked up a basic LD player myself. I got a bunch of anime from japan for the art alone but now I can watch them too. Trying to find some good deals on discs but I guess I'm too much of a cheapskate for the demand on most of these now.
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Kapin Kong wrote:
I recently picked up a basic LD player myself. I got a bunch of anime from japan for the art alone but now I can watch them too. Trying to find some good deals on discs but I guess I'm too much of a cheapskate for the demand on most of these now.

I found a guy on eBay who imports Jap NTSC titles. He's currently doing 70% off all his listings.. I've bought a bunch but it seems too good to be true.. I will give you a link if he actually delivers. 😉
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Kapin Kong
Please do! There are a whole lot from japan I want in particular, love how the artwork looks with kana.
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His eBay user name is cnsystemsaustralia.

It looks like he's taken the 70% off down. I'm not sure why he was doing it. But he's very responsive to messages.
It seemed too good to be true but He has shipped and sent me a tracking number that is due for delivery tomorrow.. so I'll let you know.
He told me he has way more to list as well.
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Well I received the first shipment today. I thought they were all coming together but he's only sent the first lot I'd asked for. I will take some pictures tonight! 😃
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Here they are.. Pretty happy overall considering I paid about $65 for all of these.. No idea why this guy was doing 70% off.. but I will definitely ask him and see if he plans to do it again.

So from what I understand generally the Widescreen versions of movies are more sort after, and hence more valuable because in the days of early wide screen TV's there wasn't many widescreen VHS tapes so that meant you had to get the LD to watch the widescreen version.

I don't really know which of these is widescreen.. some of them aren't all that clear. For example, 12 monkeys is widescreen but I cant see any indication of that on the cover.

Having said that I'm watching on a 4:3 TV so I don't really care if they are widescreen or not.

So here's the collection...:

1. 12 Monkeys

This is one of my favorite films ever. It is a time travel movie that Marc should watch! In a way it addresses all of Marc's time travel beefs.. the end is a kind of paradox where you kinda need to make up your own mind about what actually happened, but it doesn't do it in a frustrating way.
Its a movie where you'll notice something new even on the 5th or 6th watching!
Also.. it was directed by Terry Gilliam from Monty Python.

This one is 2 discs (4 sides) gatefold. I'm really glad to have this LD! 😉




2. Alien

I've never actually watched this movie. I know I know.. crazy huh.. But I will watch it now. It was too scary for me as a youngser.. but I loved Aliens, which was just tame enough for me to handle.
I think this is the same art as the US release. I'm looking forward to watching it though!



Paper insert

3. Beverly Hills Cop

I'm not sure I've actually seen this one either. I must have watched it when I was a child but I don't remember it at all. I do remember loving Beverly Hills Cop 3, which I think was waay cheesier than the first 2, so I'm looking forward to watching the first one.



Another paper insert. I've never seen this art before.



4. Aliens

As I said. Loved this movie as a kid. It is a classic and I can't wait to watch it!

Another 2 disc gatefold set.




5. The Abyss

I'm noticing a bit of a theme here. This is another movie that I very vaugely remember from my childhood. I definitely watched it.. but I can't remember what really happens. I know its got Ed Harris, and there's some kind of water alien thing.. Looking forward to watching it again.

Another gatefold 2 disc set. I love the visual style and artwork of this movie. Glad to have this LD.




6. Terminator 2

This movie was like the soundtrack to my childhood. My brother and I watched it so many times, but I always had to look away when Sarah Conner dreams about the bomb going off and her flesh is ripped from her body.. haha

This is a Special edition 2 disc gatefold.




7. Jurassic Park

Also watched this a lot as a kid. I'm not sure why exactly... its obviously a great movie, I'm a bit stumped as to why exactly. It was groundbreaking at the time i guess.. Perhaps its hard to pick out a particular thing that makes it great because its all around great..
Great acting, great direction, music, story.. its great all round.




8. Wizard of Oz.

This wasn't in the package I received today. I got this one last week and from Japan through ebay. So it wasn't really a bargain like the others but I really wanted it..
I'm finding myself becoming somewhat of a WOZ collector.. sorta.. I wouldn't buy anything Woz. But the pinball machine has really reminded me of what I loved about this as a kid.. Woz really is quality entertainment. I've started watching it and notice so much more now as an adult. Well worth a watch!
Another LD I'm really glad to have.


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