Well I'm off to New Zealand tomorrow for what has become an annual adventure for many - the New Zealand Pincade. This will be the 11th Pincade, and this will be my third. My travelling companion is BSS who will be experiencing it for the first time. Along with us, many of our friends from Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. There will be around 150 attendees.

I'm going to use this thread as a bit of a travel journal. It's going to be a very busy 6 days so who know how much I get to post, but I'll try.

1. We fly into Wellington tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, and will look for some interesting places to play some games or maybe get some rest before the chaos begins.

2. Pincade proper kicks off on Thursday at the Moon Bar, where there will be a pinball competition until late.

3. Then on Friday we visit a resident of Wellington who has their own pinball and arcade collection, then catch a plane to Auckland.

4. In Auckland we attend the Total Nuclear Annihilation pinball launch party tournament, which is going to be a blast. If you've ever seen a hundred people crammed into a top floor apartment in the CBD.. Well you know what to look forward to.

5. Saturday we visit another welcoming New Zealand resident who has, without any doubt, one of the best retro game collections in the southern hemisphere. He has all PAL Master System games except for a couple (which are basically unobtainium). He also has a fantastic line up of pinball and arcade games.

6. Then off to another wonderful Auckland location overlooking a lake. Here we will stay until very late in the night playing even more pinball and arcade games.

7. On Sunday, it's the big one. The System 11 World Pinball Championships. If you get sick of the competition? Walk across the driveway and there is a room of the house that has literally 200 pinball machines, all sitting there waiting for you to press the start button. It's pretty magical.

8. Monday will be recovery day, and flying home day.

It's going to be a long few days, but a lot of fun. Here's hoping I remember to take lots of pictures and post them here.
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Such an amazing trip! So jelly.. mostly of Radars even though it's one of the smallest.. looking forward to some photos
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Holy cow!

a) Take a camera and post HEAPS.

b) I should go to this next year.
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Landed in Wellington and had what I believe to be the traditional welcome - windy, cold and raining! Makes a big (and welcome) change from Sydney that’s for sure.

We hit the Weta Cave first just for a couple of souvenirs - my wife would kill me if I didn’t return with some LotR stuff.

Then we went to the Moon Bar to look at the machines for tomorrow’s tournament. All of them set on free play tonight so people could relax and just have some fun. Lots of machines and these pictures don’t even capture half.

Good beers and good games!

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It’s been a busy few days... Only time to post a few photos. Wellington’s been fun.

ACDB16DA-3F0C-4CB9-9D9A-1016A541F40E.jpeg  02BF1E8E-F744-4F2E-B480-7C035F8EA0D5.jpeg  529B7F0C-A22F-408B-B4EE-51BD637105B1.jpeg  0C6EF5CF-7179-4B2B-94F5-AE83E01A5C04.jpeg 
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I’m going to have to write a proper synopses when I get home, as well as lots more pictures. But for now, just some winners and grinners;

Rob McCauley won the System 11 World Championships (and knocked me out in the process!). Mark Tibbetts 2nd.

Danielle Peck won the Women’s Championship, and the Classics.

Exhausted, bruised and with a big smile on my face, we head off to the airport and for home (hopefully beating the approaching cyclone).
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You’ll be able to just catch your breath in time for:
Wednesday, 14th March 2018 - 7:00PM - at Annandale Hotel

At least those who haven’t burnt all their energy and brownie points in foreign parts should swing by. IFPA ranking points available so you can cling to the list somewhere. 😉

See for details:
Random item from my Tabletop Games Collection
See it & the rest here:
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bakersnarkMDW wrote:
You’ll be able to just catch your breath in time for:
Wednesday, 14th March 2018 - 7:00PM - at Annandale Hotel

At least those who haven’t burnt all their energy and brownie points in foreign parts should swing by. IFPA ranking points available so you can cling to the list somewhere. ðŸ˜‰

See for details:

Ill be there! There’s a nasty rumour BSS will be too.

Feel free to pimp the tournament or anything else ZBall related by posting a thread. It’d be great to see some pinball promotion.
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Ok so there's really too much to post and talk about. So I'm just going to do a photo dump and let the pictures do the talking. Unless there's something specific I want to comment on.

So here goes. Feel free to ask questions!

In Wellington and checked out the Weta Cave:

IMG_0470.jpg  IMG_0471.jpg  IMG_0474.jpg  IMG_0477.jpg  IMG_0466.jpg  IMG_0467.jpg  IMG_0468.jpg  IMG_0469.jpg 

War memorial in Wellington. This is the largest one of those I've ever seen. It dominates the skyline.


Fun stuff in Wellington Airport:

IMG_0521.jpg  IMG_0523.jpg  IMG_0524.jpg  IMG_0525.jpg 

This guy really likes The Simpsons. You should see that pinball machine up close, it has the most mods and toys of any pinball machine I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot of pinball machines!

IMG_0540.jpg  IMG_0542.jpg  IMG_0544.jpg  IMG_0547.jpg  IMG_0550.jpg 

Jessica DeNardo from The Pinball Podcast made the trip from the USA. She has some seriously cool pinball tats but this one is my favourite. Probably for obvious reasons, being art from my favourite pinball machine of all time (Bride of Pinbot). She was happy for me to take a picture of it:


The System 11 World Pinball Championships. Here are the qualifying machines:


Thunderbirds! You probably haven't seen one of these before. It played great, manufacturing is top notch. It's not the most interesting game to play in my opinion, but it's damn impressive that it exists and plays. I liken the feel of the game to a Spooky Pinball machine - the shots and feel of the game are sort of clunky because it's just not traditional pinball layout. Mike from Homepin gave everyone a tour of the machine and it's mechanics. Very impressive:


This signed picture has been waiting for me in New Zealand for a year. Dave Peck who hosted the System 11 World Championships had this signed for me back when he visited Texas Pinball Festival last year. Very nice of him to do this, considering he had to stand in a line for over 2 hours!


Moon Bar in Wellington:

DXq2SKeWkAAyeml.jpg  DXq2R91X4AEl7hO.jpg  DXq2SH3XcAAYze4.jpg  DXzMnxjUMAAhVjC.jpg  DXzMnxdVMAEoBFh.jpg 

Dave Peck's apartment in Auckland CBD:


The best part of the New Zealand tour. Simply the most extensive and impressive collection of retro games I have ever seen. The owner, Mike, is a super nice guy too and great to chat to. He's only missing 2 Master System games to complete the collection. And has over 350 MegaDrive games:

DX4HlVDVoAAH-ET.jpg  DX4HlVCVwAAR0LC.jpg  DX4HlVBV4AEYN72.jpg  DX4HlVBU8AAhEoz.jpg

I'd love one of these, but where would I put it?!

  DX5FHzDUQAAfpq5.jpg  DX5FHzCV4AMtENu.jpg  DX5FHzDVoAAE3yL.jpg  DX5FHzCUMAE1T5d.jpg  DX68T93VAAI2y3Z.jpg  DX68UB5VAAAKIyG.jpg  DX68T-OVMAIiwg1.jpg  DX68UBuVwAAyaxB.jpg  DX-Nb33UQAEdqvb.jpg  DX-Nb38U8AA3s_W.jpg  DX-Nb33UMAAi8EJ.jpg 

The biggest pinball room I've ever seen, once again Dave Peck's. Here you have about 200 pinball machines all on free play. Finished your qualifying rounds in the System 11 World Championship? Then wander across the driveway and enter this room and relax:

DX-RoozU0AE-JZK.jpg  DX-Roo1U8AACLgb.jpg  DX-Roo1U0AEdOGZ.jpg  DX-RoozUMAA4OSr.jpg 
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