Sigh... The issues keep coming. This time in my dedicated Mortal Kombat cab. At the moment I’ve got a Ghouls n Ghosts in there that I play quite a bit.

Today I’ve found the monitor is flickering and going dark. This is bad...


You cant tell in the picture by the way, but it’s there none the less. Another monitor repair coming in my future...  
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Damn. That sucks!
Can you actually buy new monitors? Surely someone makes them.
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Nah, your only option is to find old ones.

It could be something simple like a connection or a loose pot. I haven't actually gotten behind my cab and had a look yet (in fact, I've been too scared to turn it on since I discovered this issue - I just don't want to see it!).

This weekend I'm hoping to have some time to look into it. This is the game I probably play the most in my arcade, so having it down is not good at all...
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