Paul Jones and Dejan Golja will be running a pinball tournament at Paul Jones' place on the 16th of June!

Registrations are being taken in a few places. IF YOU WISH TO REGISTER here, then please Private Message Paul who's username is - specialharmony

Yes he's a member of the forum, just never posted (come on Paul!). Alternatively, you can PM me and I can get in contact with Paul.

At the moment there's 14 people registered, so not many places left. I'm going, so should you!

Here are the details from Paul below;

Awaiting IFPA approval.
Capped for a max of 28 people
12pm - 8pm or thereabouts

When: Saturday , 16th of June . 12pm START. You can come from 11.00am onwards to practice and I suggest you do. Event will go for about 6 - 7 hours including a 1 hour break after round 3.
Most games will be in games room but some machines will be in the garage so there is more room to move around.

Where:My place,West Wollongong. I will PM address to those coming.

Limit:28 people MAX, including myself who will be playing.

Cost: $20 prepaid, via paypal or bank transfer

All money will go towards prize money - numbers pending

Cash payout per 1st, 2nd and 3rd TBD.

I know its only $20 but spots are only reserved when people pay. It also allows me to not waste time on the day collecting cash! A fast tournament is a good tournament!

Matchplay with Swiss pairings.
5 rounds of 3 games each. 4 player games. So each player is playing 15 x 4 player games.
With Swiss pairings, when the round is done it will match people up depending on points. So the best will keep playing the best, and those that aren't going well will be paired with people in the same situation!
FINALS. The top 4 will play 3 games to decide the winner. If there are any draws for 1~4 there will be a playoff match for those positions.

Scoring will be: 7-4-2-0

This means if you come 1st or last, you will still play the same amount of games.


Games are going to be setup hard. High pitch, tight-ish tilts, Outlanes maxed, No extra balls. .. I invite anyone to come and play but this is really geared towards those pinheads that want to improve their game for interstate and overseas comps!

Right now the games will be (subject to change):

- kiss le
- Star wars le
- AC/DC le
- Getaway
- The Walking dead le
- Avengers le
- Spiderman le
- X men le
- Star trek le
- Twilight zone
- No fear
- Rollergames
- Meteor
- Memory lane

I will provide bottled water, plenty of fast food within 5 mins drive.
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Only 3 spots remain. If anyone wants to come along feel free to send me a PM or reply here. It’s only 2 weeks away!
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Today’s the day! I’ll see if I can provide updates as things progress. If I remember...
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Standings so far after 3 and a bit rounds  660487D9-16FB-42D4-868A-5AC43DAEEF96.png 
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And our top 4 finalists are in! I managed to squeak in an equal 5th which I’m quite happy with. Came down to the last game to decide if I was making the top 4 or not.

Next up is the finals playoff! BCE7A3D7-FFC4-447E-8EFB-49354D7EBCDB.png 
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Final standings! 7B1672D9-B2CA-4F21-869E-71762FA84E4F.png 
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Great fun. Bit disappointed with my result. Lousey start but I improved in the middle so i thought I might do a little better despite tailing off at the end (not terrible results, I thought). 
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You did well Mark. It was a tough competition with most of the best players in NSW there. 

I was actually expecting to do much worse than I did based on previous competitions over the last few months. But pulling out a 5th was pretty great.

I hope Paul does another one sometime, though I bet it’ll take him a week to cleanup after the last!
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