Game the System Podcast Episode 17! Fantastic T-Shirts to give away to you, the readers (! Is River Raid Tournament Edition finally done? A new Twin Galaxies record is born on Ghouls'n Ghosts. John gets involved in a Marvel Fantasy League, and plays Soulcalibur II and Alien Trilogy. Matt watches too much Starcraft, and we play in the first Critical Hit pinball tournament in Sydney!


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T-Shirt Giveaway!

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Milo Breakfast Cereal

Marvel Fantasy Comic League

River Raid Tournament Edition

Marc’s Twin Galaxies Ghouls n Ghosts Submission

Alien Trilogy (1996)

Critical Hit Pinball Card Competition

Walking Dead Pinball Machine (2014)

Soulcalibur II (2002)

Starcraft Tournament Leagues -

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The first of hopefully several comments which I will post in stages so I’m not just publishing the next instalment of A Song of Ice and Fire at the end of the day (though unlike Mr Martin, I do employ a technique called ‘editing’).

Mmmm, Fooood!

I still like McDonalds from time to time and it is still reasonably convenient if you ignore the self-serve burger construction machine and just go to the counter and order one of their old burgers. In a very slight embrace of the ‘new’ I recommend the DOUBLE Quarter Pounder (“Half Pounder, I guess).
(This is a real pic by me, not one grabbed from the digital skies)

Bought in its Large Meal form (with large fries and drink) it costs only about 50c more than a regular Quarter Pounder (henceforth to be known as the Half Double Quarter Pounder) in a Large Meal.

Speaking of Milo Cereal, almost 10 years ago, when my son was much younger, we would sometimes give him a “breakfast bar” to take as a convenient snack at school. One time I discovered a bar made by Nestlè (makers of Milo) which was chocolate flavoured and had actual Smarties embedded in the top of it. Checking the back of the pack against that of a ‘regular’ breakfast bar, it turned out the chocolate smartie feast had the lower sugar content!
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Having got distracted and delayed on my comments, they’re probably becoming a bit redundant, but I’ll press on!

Tech Talk!
I’m afraid I’m going to have to side with John & Marc on the RF vs AV (50/60hz) debate. I expect most Atari 2600 owners aren’t hacking their consoles. They’d either be getting old TVs or some sort of RF to AV black box (which may also have sync issues). There are a fair number of older flat screen (non-tube) TVs that do analogue TV tuning and may compensate well enough for frequency variation.

On the disc descratching front - I have a manual version of a descratch kit which includes some beige paste, and I wold say it’s more like Novus 2 (N1 is too mild to actually take significant scratches out). If anyone finds an old can of Brasso lying around, it is meant to be good for scratch removal. But it has to be old as they changed the formula some years back, around the time I learnt of its plastic polishing properties (of course).
Random item from my Tabletop Games Collection
See it & the rest here:
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