We go way into depth on the whole Billy Mitchell and Todd Rogers Twin Galaxies controversy, where both legendary players were banned for life! We also discuss Marc's marathon 9 hour game of Ghouls n Ghosts, Star Wars Rogue Leader, and “everyone's favourite segment”: Atari River Raid Tournament Edition Update!


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River Raid Tournament Edition Thread


Ghouls n Ghosts 9 Hour Marathon


1989 Arcade Bar Mortal Kombat 2 Competition


Star Wars Rogue Leader (2001)


Star Wars Atari Arcade (1983)


Star Link Battle for Atlas (2018)


Billy Mitchell


Todd Rogers


Speedrun World Records


Ben Heck

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I’ll start with some feedback on the new method of podcast recording (2 eps at a time) and how it impacts on feedback. As I understand it, by the time I could listen to and then comment on episode 19 (which was the episode out of the last 2 that had material really drawing comment), the next episode(s) were well and truely “in the can” and assuming another 2 episode recording, the first opportunity for podcaster response to feedback on ep19 would be ep22!

Anyway, I’ll press on:

River Raid TE

On the embroidered patch I’ve reached out to Matt (MAD), A_Little_Further on the forum, who seems eminently qualified to assist and says he would be happy to. I’ve passed his Facebook and email details to Marc.

With the cutting of the labels - I could give it a go. I would just be manually cutting with a straight edge and a paper knife but I’ve had a little experience with that.

Way back in 2006 my partner Joanne was working for magazine House & Garden. They decided to release a series of glossy soft-cover books. The first was “House”, the second “Garden” and the third:

As these things go, they sought expert contributors:
2nd last in the “Thanks to our project makers” you’ll find me. Just above is my mum Lorna and her friend Bonnie. They contributed their considerable crochet skills and I provided some passable paper manipulation abilities (cutting, folding, gluing etc) as nobody else volunteered any. I submit some published results of those efforts:
EF04A744-0C3E-42A4-9A89-EED4AE118DA5.jpeg  9B8FB9CC-69F6-4C75-ACA5-12890D76EACC.jpeg  3F2E684B-200E-457A-9D17-C85DE494E095.jpeg  1E271641-9617-4FB9-8E7B-A70EB370A907.jpeg 

Perhaps most relevant to the task at hand are the silhouettes, which are outlines hand-cut from heavy white paper stock and glued to a colour background. Here are a couple of detail images (unfortunately the edges don’t appear sharp as a result of a digital pic of an offset print).
A1A35D78-ED76-430B-94F2-B2DD98560122.jpeg  9C7021FC-1315-4393-A031-05472C716489.jpeg 
Random item from my Tabletop Games Collection
See it & the rest here:
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