We throw our 9 nominations for the best Game Boy Advance game into the ring - including Benn Banasik's 3 choices! We also talk about what we've been doing in gaming, including Ghouls n Ghosts speedruns, Tekken 2, and River Raid TE... patches? No, not those sort of patches, patches!


Intro music from

Whoa Nellie Big Juicy Melons Pinball (2015)


Kaboom! (1989)!_(video_game)


Milo Snack Bar




Ghouls n Ghosts Speedrun Guide by Aquas


Tekken 2 (1995)


Marc’s Mario Kart Super Circuit Video


Game Boy Advance Battle Nominations -


Matt’s Nominations:

Advance Wars

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Rhythm Tengoku


John’s Nominations:

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Wario Ware Inc: Mega Microgames!,_Inc.:_Mega_Microgames!

Mario Pinball Land


Marc’s Nominations:

Sonic Advance

Metroid Fusion

Mario Kart Super Circuit

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