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I'm loving the book so far. It just got really exciting with an attempt on Paul's life from a hunter seeker (which must be controlled nearby) and a really interesting conversation between Jessica and Yueh in which the doctor is trying to speak authentically for fear of being discovered.

It’s Science Fiction but is very strong on the political/espionage/infiltration - it was written during the heart of the Cold War. Often good to know the contemporary social context of a SciFi/Fantasy novel. Starship Troopers was written around the same time - I would make almost exactly the same comments about its book vs movie as Dune.

Currently I’m very much enjoying the TV series Counterpart which is on SBS On Demand. It’s sort of the opposite in that it’s used a SciFi device to recreate a Cold War Berlin Wall situation in a contemporary setting, To try and get a game hook onto this, the series stars JK Simmons who played JJ Jamison in the Spiderman movies and who recorded additional call outs for the Stern Spiderman pinball machine (“8 arms, he should be playing this game!”)
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