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Wow, talk about mirror universe! I keep bringing up tabletop games with themes I hope will attract people to the games themselves and then Zwang! - deflection/reflection straight back to the thematic subject itself! 😉

But while we’re on that subject...
Quick scan of the episode plot suggests it has the interesting theme of the inaccurate reporting of history (bit like ‘history is written by the victors’) and that in turn suggests a time travel sub-genre that Marc might actually like. Doesn’t really have a name (that I know of), but basically it tends to work on the principal that although you can travel back in time you can’t alter the known outcomes in the timeline, and if you can return to your ‘present’ it will be the same as when you left, whatever your efforts in the past. The interest comes in the concept of inaccurate and incomplete knowledge of history. We know the result, but how correctly does history report the actual events that led to it? Also there are going to be ‘minor’ details that history doesn’t know or feel important enough to report that may combine to be crucial.

(Devout Christians look away now)
Michael Moorcock has a novel called Behold The Man where the protagonist time travels to meet Jesus, only to find the prostitute Mary’s son Jesus is an ineffectual idiot requiring the main character to step in and fulfill the historic and religious record.

Another example which I won’t describe but highly recommend people check out is Tim Powers’ book The Anubis Gates - well worth a read (time travel through ancient Egyptian magic)!
He also wrote On Stranger Tides, which was plundered for material to turn the amusement park ride Pirates of the Caribbean into a movie franchise (the 4th(?) installment was even sub titled “On Stranger Tides“ & very loosely based on the book [fountain of youth/Blackbeard]). The book is massively better than the movies!
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Yep that's the one. It's one of my favourite episodes. Voyager had some really great ones!
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