Game the System Podcast Episode 42! We read feedback from you, the readers, with more detail about Spider-Man's balls than anyone ever needed to know. John finishes Mortal Kombat 11 and lets us know what he thought. Matt finishes EXAPUNKS and has something in his pants. Plus live broadcasting on our new Discord channel, Master System top 25 from Retrogamer magazine, and a bunch more!
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For those wishing to pick at Spiderman’s Balls, as exposéd by me, here is the original text (& pics) from my email. BTW, the first 2 pics are of a toy rubber ball (~ child soccer ball size), not custom pinballs as suggested on the pod (note black inflation valve in centre of second pic).

37E240CF-F674-41EC-9EBA-EC334A8E12AE.jpeg  A9399323-380A-4515-8AE1-6C1111E62963.jpeg

 In the above realm it would be hard to quantify.
In the pinball realm it’s also a little difficult:
Stern’s Spiderman has 4 balls physically installed in the machine and they can all be simultaneously in play with dual multiball or add-a-ball to the 3-ball. Each turn a player has is a “ball” regardless of how many balls are physically involved during that “turn”. Traditionally this machine would be set to three (Stern recommended [default]) or five balls, but modern machines provide for a lot of flexibility in the settings for this. Some may count extra balls as additional to the ball count, which in this case would potentially add just one as that’s all this machine will give, but the machine really just runs an extra ball as a redo of the current ball and doesn’t increment the count.
On Gottlieb’s Amazing Spiderman there should only be one physically installed ball as there is no multiball. The game length is either 3 balls or 5 balls (with a preference for 5 in this case). Extra balls can double the original allotment as one, & one only, can be awarded during each ball played.
In the case of Peter Parker his human aspect should have provided him with 2 balls at birth, but his spider aspect may have added another 2 (standard allotment for spiders also) which would make for a total of 4 “balls” as his human and spider features coexist - there is no transformation from man to spider and back, he merely dons his costume but human and spider features are always present. The fact that radiation was involved in his genetic commingling may have produced unpredictable results in the ball count department.


Before we find the nearest Amazing Spiderman and march around it singing “Spidey has only got one ball!”, I’ve just confirmed my suspicion that it did have another tucked away in the supplementary tilt mech of that era machine.

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