It's time! The best game released in 1990 will be decided right here in this marathon episode! Marc, Matt and John debate the 9 nominations for the best 1990 game, and then run down the results of the reader vote across our social media feeds and Discord!
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The Arcade Perfect Podcast

Operation Wolf (1987)

Outlaw (1978)

Smash TV (1990)

Dark Seal (1990)

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (1990)

Snow Bros. (1990)

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (1990)

Aliens (1990)

Creatures (1990)

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (1990)

MERCS (1990)

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Kapin Kong
Look at this! I'm still using the forums!
Well I figured I'd go into my own list because it's fun.
In reverse order: 

9. Snow Bros.
John didn't want to go there but I will. I didn't like this game at all. I really didn't have any fun playing it, felt way more fiddly to play than Bubble Bobble and looked like a knockoff game you'd get in one of those "100 in 1 Arcade game" mini cabs you sit on your desk at work. Sorry guys but this was a clear last place for me.

Looks good, plays not great. Needed to be a twin stick game, way too hard to shoot where you want and very frantic action means lots of deaths. I still kind of enjoyed it, maybe if I gave it more time.

7. Speedball 2
I think this game LOOKS real good on the Amiga, it plays ok but it's still a sports game in the end. Probably the best themed sports game for sure but still real fiddly to play as Matt said.

6. Creatures
At the same position as Matt and Marc, I actually got to play this on stream and although enjoyable, it's real tough. 10 year old Mat probably would have played it quite a bit but current Mat is too tired and time poor to get very far. Save states would have been helpful for this but I was playing on original hardware.

5. Aliens
There are a lot of IP issues with this game but it controls better than MERCS and that's why it's here. I still had fun playing it and it had some interesting mechanics but still wasn't great.

4. Dark Seal
I had a lot of fun with this game. I had never heard of it before now so I thank GTS for bringing it to my attention. It seems real interesting and looks good.

3. Smash TV
I had never played this before but knew about it. This was lots of fun on my own and is another game I'll be getting the wife to play. Loads of fun but very hard.

2. Castle of Illusion
As Mark said, it's not as good as the Master System version which is what I played the most but I still really enjoy this game. It's hard, it's kinda janky but I still love it and will often play it. I'm sure this game is mostly rose tinted glasses but I can live with that, seems like I was the only one that actually liked it along with my wife ha ha.

1. Castlevania 3
This is the third Castlevania game I've played so far, the others have been Castlevania and Lords of shadow on X360 neither of which I played for very long. This one though I had a lot of fun with, the game felt rock solid and had snappy controls. Looked great, I really liked its style. It reminded me of CV but was different enough that I didn't feel like it was a cash in. StairsVania is accurate though and it's real tough. Interesting that I agree with John!

Thanks for reading!

Tiid Bo Amativ - Paarthurnax
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Thanks for the list and thoughts Kapin Kong! I'm really glad you found and enjoyed some games you'd never played before. I think this is the real value of things like this, where hidden gems can get out there more broadly.

Snow Bros is an interesting one. It seems it got some major support in the Discord, but to be honest, that was a vocal minority (Hi Benn and Evan). Most everyone else seems to think it's 'just an ok' game, myself included. It's actually a little bizarre to me that it got the fevered support that it did!

I wonder if I was a little harsh on Castle of Illusion. I'll have to give it another good going over at some stage. I certainly wasn't feeling it the other day....
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