Hello guys,

I thought I would share with you some Mega drive pickups that arrived today! Quite happy with these ones even though they are not in the best condition there are some great games here!

First. Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition. I'm not sure what the rarity of different editions is like. I'm guessing this was one of the later versions.

The cover and cartridge are in good condition, although there is a massive rental sticker on the cover.


As mentioned the cartridge was in surprisingly good condition. Pretty happy with this one.

Another sticker and some writing on the back. I think I could easily remove both if I want to, but haven't decided yet.

The manual unfortunately wasn't in great condition. Its easy to understand why these manuals get smashed. Especially if it was a rental. It does appear to be complete though.

Tape over the spine to contribute to its structural integrity.
20180205_205608.jpg  20180205_205617.jpg 
The box doesn't appear to be the original box and is one of the wider EA style boxes. It made me wonder if perhaps rental places made their own boxes sometimes.

Number 2.
Mutant League Football.

I've never actually played this one, but I have played mutant league hockey and I remember loving it back in the day. Cover is in great nic!

Only one sticker and it looks like an original retailers sticker.

Cart is also looking great!


Manual is really good condition, almost like new.

I tested them on my ATgames mega drive. As always the hardware did a shocking job at recreating the sound but at least I know the cart works.

Number 3


Now this game holds a special place in my memory. The condition of this one is not great but I love this game!
There is unfortunately a cheap label with "INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED" written. Its stuck on the paper artwork and not the plastic box. So annoying, but I've heard you can get these off with googone. 

I didn't remember that they actually piggybacked off the success of Road Rash to sell this game.

Cart is not bad, but more stickers.
20180205_210119.jpg  20180205_210125.jpg 

Manual is terrible with missing cover and pages. I'm glad there is something at least though because the images in this manual are so funny.
20180205_210225.jpg  20180205_210240.jpg 
I didn't notice till after putting it in the mega drive but there is a number in white pen on the top of the cart. Not sure if I can get that ink off the label.

Cart  works fine.
Number 4.
Out of this world

This game was not one I played back in the day but I'm keen to give it a go when I get some time.
The condition of the box is pretty good except there is a crack on the back bottom right which has ripped the corner of the artwork on the edge slightly. If I can replace the box I think it will be hardly noticeable.
20180205_210802.jpg  20180205_210807.jpg 

The number is obviously the Video ezy part number. Such a pain but I think I can get this off.

More numbers on the top in that white pen. At least most of it isn't on the label.


Number 5.
Cannon Fodder

I think I rented this once on the SNES.
What a great game!
Decent condition on the outside, but the inside of the box is a bit crushed. Doesnt latch properly.
20180205_211246.jpg  20180205_211249.jpg 

I don't think I ever saw these great carts back in the day. Not sure when these were around. Perhaps it was later once I'd already got the PS1.
This cart is pretty dirty. Hopefully I can get that sticker off.

Game works.20180205_211326.jpg 
Jools and Jops. The heroes of the game! haha

Altogether I paid 72 including shipping. Works out to $14.40 per game. Not super cheap but I think it was a good buy.
But of course I think that.. sunk cost theory and all that..

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Great post, and all of those games are fantastic so you've really hauled a great deal there.

I later learned in life (listening to lots of retrogaming podcasts), that Street Fighter 2 on the MegaDrive is actually highly regarded. I personally dismissed it back in the day, because by the time it came out I was already enjoying SF2 and SF2 Turbo on the SNES (I was a MegaDrive fan, but even I couldn't resist buying a SNES for SF2).

Additionally, my favourite version of SF2 is Turbo (or Hyper Fighting as it's also known). So stepping back to - what I would have described - the more inferior Championship Edition just wasn't going to be something I would entertain. I did buy the game, but hardly played it.

Step forward to today, and as mentioned learning in podcasts that this MegaDrive version was actually much more faithful to the arcade combo and frame linking of the arcade. Therefore it's thought of as the one to have if you were to play a 16 bit version.

Not being a combo guy myself, I didn't even notice this back when I was playing it on the SNES.
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