Went into my local Gametraders just to have a look. Sadly, they had a whole heap of new (for the store) Mega Drive games on the shelves. Sadly for me that is - I didn't expect to spend any money today. But then the guy comes up and says "by the way, it's 30% off all used games today", and my wallet cried some more...

I already have Mortal Kombat II but it's the Platinum version (budget) so I was keen to grab the original. Strider was also on my wanted list, even though it wasn't in the greatest shape. The others are just a bonus - alright games and good prices.

There's still a bunch of games there that I wanted to get, but we can't have everything, right? Maybe next time (ie; next pay...).

Anyone have any particular fond memories of any of these games?

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That's awesome that they were doing 30% off! Although I have to say something tells me they work on that kind of margin with this stuff all the time. They probably would give you 20 or 25% off any day if you just ask (given you are making a decent purchase).

I don't think I'd played any of these games 'back in the day' but god the artwork looks great! Interesting that they are all Gensis titles. They must have just traded in a big collection.
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Yeah I don't know where they got them from, but they were all Genesis, about an entire shelf worth. All between 20 to 50 dollars. Throw in the 30% off and it's a damn good deal.

I've played all of these 'back in the day', and they are all decent games. Probably the worst of the bunch is Eternal Champions - yet another attempt to cash in on the Street Fighter craze at the time. Slickly produced and well marketed at the time, but it wasn't a great game.
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