The best gaming event of the year (well, equal I guess to Awesome Games Done Quick) is Summer Games Done Quick which is streaming as I type now!

A 24/7 live stream that runs for the whole week, with people speed running games from beginning to end. I look forward to this all year and, while I don't get much time to watch it live, I get months worth of viewing material to catch up on later as they archive all the runs on Youtube immediately.

You can check out the live stream here which will be running until Monday:

And then the archive:

And, if you're like me, you would probably want some cool clothing or game paraphernalia. My wardrobe is pretty much made up of Games Done Quick t-shirts and I've already spotted 3 I'll be buying for this event: 
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A whole week just for Summer Games! (I assume it includes Summer Games II).
When is California Games Done Quick? (Any particular event you’d like to see speed run? Go on Marc, you know you want to say it!)
Random item from my Tabletop Games Collection
See it & the rest here:
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I'm still watching through all the SGDQ videos on youtube. I watched it any chance I got during the week that it was on but there is still so much I haven't seen.

I'm slowly making my way through the youtube playlist they have. It's really great "feel good" viewing for me.
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I have been literally watching through the backlog for years. As mentioned before, it's part of my daily routine. I get home from work, eat dinner whilst watching a GDQ game or two, shower and go to bed. It's just normal TV for me basically (Mark will love that one).

I also find that watching games you wouldn't ordinarily watch can be a welcome surprise. A game or genre that you don't like can actually be really entertaining when speed run, given the right play style, commentary, or memes that come about as a result.
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