Had a super exciting pick up today.

I've been looking for a way to play this game for literally years!


Picked it up on ebay for around $50. Can't remember the exact amount. This game frustratingly goes for about $150 on Dreamcast. I've been looking for a way to play it for so long and this seemed like the cheapest option.

I don't have an original xbox, but the game is listed as backwards compatible. The ebay listing even warned to check the backwards compatibility list to make sure. Which I thought was weird because it was clearly on there.

The game arrived today. I got home from work threw it in the 360 and get this:


Updated my console.. still didnt work.

After a heap of google searching I find out that not all games that are on the backwards compatible list work when they are a PAL version. And this is one of those.

Another note I found when searching. If you have an upgraded HDD in your xbox Backwards compatibility wont work because you need a special partition for compatibility files (one wonders why you cant just make this partition, but I didn't get that far).

Now the question is.. do I go for the Dreamcast version.. or get an original xbox.. I'd need a fight stick for either... or both.. what an utter disappointment this has been. [frown]
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Wow that sucks. I hate those little 'gotchas' that are impossible to plan for. You can do heaps of research on the internet and not come across these little exceptions that only affect a small percentage of people.

I reckon you take the leap and get the Dreamcast version (I'm assuming you have a Dreamcast?). It's probably the cheapest option.

On the subject of Dreamcast, I've never owned one. Something to add to the collection one day!
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